Tamika Burgess is a writer, thinker, and storyteller. Her personal essays have been featured in CosmopolitanxoNecole, and others.

Born to parents who migrated from Panamá, Tamika has always taken a special interest in writing personal essays that explore her Afro-Latina identity. The desire to take this further came about in 2015 when she launched Es Mi Cultura – a monthly newsletter highlighting Afro-Latinas. 

Because of her passion and dedication to spreading knowledge of Black Latinos, Tamika has been featured on various websites, podcasts, and panels, including Young Panamanians Around the Globe, Negrita’s Afro-Latina documentary, and Ain’t I Latina’s “Disrupting Stereotypes: Images of Latinas in Digital Media.” 

When Tamika is not writing or curating her newsletter, she can be found somewhere cozy online shopping, sipping lemon ginger tea and reading, or listening to a podcast. 

Tamika resides in sunny, Southern California. She is represented by Serendipity Literary Agency.

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