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Tamika Burgess is beyond excited to connect with readers of Sincerely Sicily. Her visits are designed for a variety of readers. Please see the descriptions below, and contact Tamika if you are interested in availability and rates or have questions.

Book discussion 

Designed for any group that has read Sincerely Sicily and would like to discuss the book.

Tamika will go into detail about her inspiration for the book, themes, and favorite scenes. In addition to a Q&A and book signing.   

AUthor Presentation

 Designed for any group, including those who have not read Sincerely Sicily.

Tamika will share a slide presentation about her road to publication, with tie-ins to Sincerely Sicily and Black Panamanian culture. In addition to a Q&A and  book signing.

*Best for grades 3-8*

Race & Culture discussion

Designed for groups who are interested in discussing race and culture.


Tamika will share a slide presentation about Black Panamanian race and culture, and read book excerpts, in addition to a Q&A and book signing.  

Half-day and full-day school visits are available, and author presentations can be tailored to each group or class's specific needs. 

Click here to access the Educator's Guide for

Sincerely Sicily. The guide includes: pre and post-reading

discussion questions, a learning activity, and

Common Core State Anchor Standards Alignment.

Click here to access Tamika’s TeachingBooks profile. Please note: some content requires membership.

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